Boracay is entirely surrounded by a beautiful reef offering a variety of dive sites to satisfy any taste, all within 15 to 20 minutes boat ride.

Sharks YAPAK:
Definitely the best dive in Boracay, a magnificent wall starting at 30 m. going down to 65 m. This outstanding wall richly covered with all sorts of soft corals is home to an incredible array of reef and pelagic fish. Hundreds of surgeons and penantfish form the background for the schools of barracudas, big tunas, jacks, and sharks that patrol the area.
Encounters with white tips and gray-reef sharks are common but hammer heads, manta-rays, and whale sharks have been occasionally sighted along this deep wall. This fantastic dive is only for very experienced divers as beside its depth, it requires a fast descent to 30 m. without reference. Surface conditions are usually rough and currents unpredictable. Nevertheless an absolute must for big fish fanatics.